May 16th 2001 Practice
Anyway it was a long grueling practice Wednesday may 16 at Trum field. It was a pleasure to see the zuckman show up. It was good to see he is the same zuck that use to be the leader of the senators. Maybe he can still do it but time will tell. Well anyway, the practice seemed to be moving along because coach Al (Little thirsty)was throwing a decent BP. Most guys would take around 15-20 hits then get out of there. But then John (82 mph) Drew started working on his mechanics, so he can be ready for our new arch rivals Wayland on Sunday morning at 10:00am. So as Drew heated up so did two of his teammates, who decided to have a cup of coffee and a full course meal at the plate. I will not mention any names at this time. Anyway the practice was the longest of the year. Tempers started to boil when Alan zuck started to stir it up with escaped inmate from Somerville. Ok lets get back to the cup of coffee and the full course meal that was being taken at the plate by Nicki Quack Quack and Kelly's Heroes. They both ordered the main course which consisted of a large order of pearls, half dozen bats and 6 pairs of batting gloves. Between the two players they perfected their swing to the expense of their teammates. Kelly hit some bombs and kept the ball in the park for the most part. Nicki worked on his bunts, then his inside out swing, hit and run swing, rbi swing, and many other swings that will make him a better hitter than his teammates. As he continue his BP at the plate his swing seemed to be a little late because the houses next door were being bombed. By the time he finished his BP, the ball bag was short many baseballs. At the end of the night Billy Stats, had to rush his swings so he could get his BP in before the lights went out. Billy Stats took his swings. The senators took a quick infield and headed for the coolers. Baseball can be a boring when you have 20 guys standing around in the field waiting to take BP. We need to think of other teammates and get out of the batters box after 15-20 swings. Baseball is not won with two players it is a team game. Billy Stats PS: Dunny and Rous made the right decision to stay home because Nicki and Kelly took their swings. See ya Sunday Reply Hey Smeg, Like you said, "anyone can hit in BP", it's clutch hitting in a game that counts ! I feel so old, I can't do either ! See you Sunday.... Pete Grassia