Exclusive Home Video taken at Niagara Falls From the CBS 4 Newsroom
A tragic loss today as an icon of Americana, The Somerville Senators Baseball Club succumbed after going over the edge of the falls under suspicious circumstances. This home video, shot by a Bulgaria tourist may prove to be the key in the investigations. Earlier in the day, The Legendary tour ship, The Maid of the Mist, was evacuated after secret terrorist communications were intercepted. The encrypted message said that a lunch box carried by an unidentified Federal officer from Massachusetts and his male companion contained explosives. After a lengthy search, no bombs were discovered, however several tubes of lubricant were found. No word yet if investigators from The Royal Canadian Mounties have made a connection between the two events.
Senators Down and out
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Eyewitnesses say there may have been, what was described as a "black hole" spotted near the edge of the falls. There were also freak, hurricane force winds in the area that may have played a large part in the incident. The Senators are survived by hundreds of fans and enemies alike along with many children who have spent their whole lives together as friends. The investigation could center on the disappearance of Coach Al Masel. Masel known for his innovative baseball management style of 16 man line-ups and all lefty pitching rotations, went missing earlier that morning near the New York State Governors mansion in Albany. His whereabouts are still unknown. It is unclear whether he was in Viagara Falls at the time of the mishap.

Former Senator, Father Kevin MacDonald said in an interview from his island retreat. "It was a day to mourn the loss, but to move on and crack a cold one in their honor" Pete "The Pencil" Grassia, a long time Senator is the only know active survivor, he was not on the trip. Grassia spent the weekend at his mountain ski villa and would not return our calls. It is still unclear why the team was in Niagara Falls. Speculation is that their Mini Van, driven by a Mr. Alan Zaccaro, 51 of Lexington MA, was on rout from Boston to Cooperstown when they may have missed an exit or two. No bodies were recovered, all team members suffered their most devastating final loss.

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