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"I would say that he has the black of the plate and as far as I know that makes him out but at night that may be hard to see when you are 75 years old. He should of asked for help from base ump because he may have been a little younger (72)."

"Remember don't take anything for granted. Lets nail down game 1 and then stay with the attack for game 3. " Stats Has Spoken!

At this point of the season, when we are the only show in town then Medford must be ducking us because we are still feared. Why would we want to move to the federal when you are considered the hated Senators. We are the yankees of the MSBL so why would we want to give other teams any relief in the near future. Something to think about if the tough gets going." Stats Has Spoken! wrote: Bill, Please send me your bills from Cape, I'll have checks waiting for you on Thurs. night. Thanks, Alex

From: Bill [] Subject: Re: Money It is going to cost you kid. When I had to show up with 8 bags of Kittie Litter from Stop & Shop the store manager thought something was up. As I was proceeding to my car a gentlemen around 6' 10'' from the cape cod animal patrol started to interrogate me. I told them I was on strict orders by management to keep my mouth shut and just deliver the goods to location that was sent thru instant message on my cell phone. They didn't buy that and said who the hell is management. I said it was three or four grown men depending on who is needed that run a so called over 100 baseball team. The put all kinds of pressure on me and I told them if I blew their cover then I would be demoted to bergin forever and would never see the rectangular rubber again. The pressure by that officer was incredible. After about 20 minutes of questioning he decided to let me leave. He told me to go straight to the location and deliver the litter. I said thanks and told him you just saved me from the end of my career and a outside shot for hero status. Sincerely Management 5

From: Tocco, Stephen L Subject: RE: Money Stats, Now the truth comes out. Thatís why you an Al look like youíre from a concentration camp, you both eat kitty Litter. Why donít you two go out and have a steak dinner one of these days? Maybe you can split it. You two Gaffaís!!!!!!!!! LTHS wrote: Lester, right again. Maybe with a few carbs Riverdance would not have pulled a hammy and could have delivered us another championship.

From: Bill [] Subject: Re: Money If you didn't swing so hard then I wouldn't of been playing so its your fault why we didn't win. Also, if management didn't look the other way and told the Stats family the night before that the team was planning a lunch paid by managemnt if the game was cancelled then maybe it wouldn't rained that day. Stats has spoken!

On K's article in the Lawrence Eagle Read Article Reflecting on his prolific baseball resume, Asar said: "I played on three teams for several years and I've been on four teams. This year I'm only on one other, the Somerville Senators (in the over-30 Boston League). They start their season earlier, so it helps me get ready for the Night Owls, and the season ends later so I can get more games in. " How about that coach that is a slap in our face so when he and all those good old boys show up for a game I would say your benched. How about using us to get in shape. "But I don't like the over-30 leagues as much. The competition isn't as good so, if I have a choice, I stick with the NSBL." Then why is your average worse in the over 30. I would say if you want to step it up play in the intercity league where guys throw 85-88 every night. Stats Has Spoken for the team! From: "Mark Moise" Well, read what he says, if we were better players, he would show up more.. Mouse #4 From: Peter Nicolo: Career Hilights

Had game-winning hit for Larkin Club in 1997 championship series in the Boston Park League